Black Wolves Saga SS: Happy Days Overflowing With Flowers (Julian/Fiona)

This is a summary of a short story that appears in the back of the Black Wolves Saga fanbook.  It takes place after the events of Bloody Nightmare, so there are spoilers for Julian’s Bloody Nightmare route.


After Fiona’s household and Julian flee Weblin, Julian finds work as a gardener at a nearby mansion. Since her family opposes her finding work outside, Fiona spends most of her time doing housework or small jobs like weaving.

After she finishes doing her work for the day, Fiona goes back to her room and sits on the bed. Her room is filled with flowers–pressed flowers, dried flowers, and flowers in vases. They’re all presents from Julian, who brings them home from his job. He always comes home before everyone else, and Fiona thinks that it’s the part of the day she looks forward to the most.  The first time he brought her flowers, he promised that he’d become someone they could all be proud of and asked her to wait for him, because he’ll convey his feelings a second time then.  Fiona thinks it’s reassuring to know that they’re both working hard and she hears the door open.

Fiona goes to the entrance and welcomes Julian back. He smiles at her with both arms full of roses, and Fiona thinks that he’s become much more reliable. She asks what he’s going to do until dinner and says that she’s prepared a bath for him if he wants.  Julian answers that he wants to do something with the flowers first and Fiona says that she’ll take care of it herself since he’s probably tired.  When she reaches out her hand to take the flowers, her hand touches Julian’s and they both blush.  After a while Julian squeezes her hand and says he’ll take them to her room. Fiona awkwardly thanks him and they go back to her room while holding hands.


 When they reach Fiona’s room, Julian stops and awkwardly apologizes for giving her so many flowers. He thinks it must be troubling that there are so many and says it was stupid of him not to realize earlier. Fiona insists that it’s not a problem and tells him that she’s happy to receive them. She can tell from the flowers that Julian’s working hard at his job, and it makes her want to do well with her work. She tells him that his flowers made her feel better when she was trapped in the royal gardens as well and Julian’s expression darkens as he thinks about the past. Fiona squeezes his hand to reassure him and tells him again that his flowers saved her. Julian’s expression relaxes and he smiles again, telling her that hearing her say that makes him happier than anything.

They kiss and touch their foreheads together, and Julian promises to make her happy through his own power from now on. He asks what he should do with the roses and Fiona suggests using them for the bath. Julian agrees to the idea, but when Fiona says she’ll get them ready for him and tries to take the flowers, his eyes widen and he pulls them out of her reach. He asks if she was planning on letting him go first and Fiona says that he’s probably tired from work so he should go first. Julian says that they’re her present so she should go first, and they start arguing about it.

After a while, Fiona gets an idea that would solve the problem and suggests it to Julian–taking a bath together. Julian blushes and Fiona puts her hands against her cheeks from embarrassment. Julian starts stammering and Fiona says that she thinks it’s the best solution. The air gets awkward and Fiona thinks it’s even more embarrassing because of Julian’s reaction. She waits quietly for his answer, and in the end Julian holds her hands again and tells her that he’ll go along with her idea.

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